The Encore is proud to announce the launch of the $2.5 million Our Next Stage Capital Campaign, which includes the purchase and renovation of the historic Copeland building in downtown Dexter, MI.

Our adaptive renovation and re-use of the 20,000 square foot space will include flexible new seating for up to 250 patrons, a new sound and lighting package, spacious bathrooms, and a large lobby with a full bar and patron seating. These changes, along with ample second-floor office space, will allow the non-profit arts organization to grow and strengthen, accelerating artistic innovation and amplifying engagement within the Dexter-Ann Arbor community.

Take Your Seat

Make a gift for the theatre-lover in your life, honor a cherished loved one, or place your own name in the spotlight with an elegant, engraved plate on your very own theatre seat!

Come visit us during our Back to Broadway summer concert series and sit in the sample chair in the lobby – you’ll feel the difference!

With a $1,000 donation, you can help us put our new seats in place for our exciting 2021-2022 Mainstage Season!

  • Campaign Goal of $2.5M 74% 74%

Naming Opportunities Available

With our new stage, you have an opportunity to showcase
your support for the arts with naming opportunities available in the space.


Thank You to Our Campaign Donors!

Bernard L. MASS

The Kathleen Tharp Grové and William T. Grové Family Foundation

Jack & Martha Hicks

Jennifer & Larry Coates

Rebecca Horvath

Dan Chapman

Darryl & Pat Albright

Floy Barthel

Anne and Dick Bauman

Elizabeth Bole

Michael & Barbara Cantlin

Chelsea State Bank

Jack Chisolm

Maggie, David & Chelsea Conger

Anne & Daniel Cooke

Anne & Sean Donevan

John Drake

Janet & Dan Egeler

David & Lynn Engelbert Family

Marci & Stephen Feinberg

Chris Goosman & Belinda Ellsworth

Jack & Julie Frost

Jessica Grové & Dan Cooney

Max & Lexi Heywood

Stanley Kasiewicz

Dick Lundy

Jan Lyons

Bob & Jan Lyons Foundation

The Malaney Family

Diana & Barry McKenna

Jan & Dave Mohler

Abby & Dan O’Haver

Steve and Lori Sarns

Judge Donald & Marjorie Shelton

Suzanne Stevens

Steven Stout

Robert Strauss

Helen S. Thomas & Bruce McCuaig

Brad Vincent

Michael & Barbara Cantlin

Old National Bank

Stephanie & David Pyne

Phil Rauch

In Memory of John Rauch

Lee Adair & Michael Dallas

Al & Nancy Adan

Mary Allen

Scott & Janet Allen

Steven Althoen

Victoria Augustine

Rosemary Austgen

Brad & Robin Axelrod

Robert Babcock

Gary L. Ball

Paul Barden & Joanne Meyer

Ronald Baumanis

Steve & Judy Bemis

Mark Bernstein

Rosemary & Stephen Blackman

Martha Bloom

Ron & Mimi Bogdasarian

Mary & Elwood Boomus

Sharon Bouchard

Jeff & Debbie Bourdon

Jason Briggs

Sharon & David Brooks

Craig & Pamela Buchweitz/Weber

Ronald & Millie Burkman

Lee Burton & Roberta Shaw-Reeves

Mary & Leo Byers

Lisa Callihan Family

Susan Cameron

Gil & Marge Campbell

Barb & Mike Cantlin

Amy Cantu

Pamela & Michael Carter

Stephanie Casey

Elizabeth Caswell

Barbara & Don Chaffin

Barbara Chamberlain

Karen & Rod Chambers

Wen J. Chung

Larry & Rebecca Cobler

Diane Conde

Paul & Pat Cousins

Fran Coy

Sterling & Mary Crandall

DLY Interiors/Debbie Yuenger

Dexter Family Dentistry

Dexter Rotary Club

Dane Dominici

Bill & Barb Doolittle

Edgar Dorrington

Charles & Nichole Durbin

Holli Eaton

Sandy Eaton

Steven Elliott

Michael & Margaret Emlaw

Phillip Ernzen

Linda Eye

Jane & Karl Fink

Hedwig Ford

Will Fowle

Dr. Bradley & Patty Frasier

Richard & Mary Lou Frendt

Marilyn Friedman

Ann & Bill Furtwangler

Judy Gamary

Ina & Jack Germain

Robert & Elaine Greene

Jim & Sharon Haag

Barbara & Richard Hagan

Susan Haines

J.B. Harris

Gloria Helfand

Debbie & Norman Herbert

Jean Hergott

Brian & Sara Hickey

Peg Hoblack

Kathy Hogrefe

Gail Hoopes Charitable Foundation

Mary & Ted Huebner

Theodore & Sandra Huizenga

Dr. Terry Hurst

Dan & Mike Jackson

Willard Johnson

Keith Kalinowski & Marlene Inman

John & Catherine Kalbfleisch

Eileen Kapka

Paul Keifer

Jenny & Dave Keil

Jim Keller & Mary Ellen Hoy

Sandy Eaton

Holli Eaton

Victoria Augustine

Sharon and Jack Kalbfleisch

Nancy Kelly

Terri Keppler

Jean Klark

Rachel Klayman

Julie Knight

Rosalie & Ron Koenig

Brent & Elizabeth Kolb

Thomas Layher

Gloria Leininger

Georgia & Wayne Lindstrom

Herbert & Karla Linkner

Mary Ludlum

Barry & Karen Ludwig

Cory & Jillian Mann

John & June Mann

Markit Strategies and PR, LLC

Irwin & Fran Martin

Aubrey T. Martinson

Marco & Anne Marques

Mary Matthews

Janet McDole

Diana & Barry McKenna

Phil Micali & Wayne Meledandri

James & Nichole Michael

David & Sandra Millar

Deanna Miner

Stephanie Minerath & Nancy Lyke

Jamie & Tracy Mistry

Tom & Linda Morris

Jane & JW Muer

Richard & Paula Muhs

Amy Nadeau

Karen Nolte

David & Suzie Nowak

Leroy & Patricia Nufer

Emily Olson

Andrew Paluselli

Mariel Peck

John & Lisa Petrauskas

Lisa Phillips & Joe Filipiak

Dave & Peggy Plawchan

John & Sally Preston

John Prince

Dale Simmerman

Dale Townsend

Jim & Sharon Haag

Jenny & Dave Keil

Ron & Pat Pudduck

Graham Putnam

Timothy Redmond

Emily Rogers

Marci & Andrew Rosenberg

Laura Sagolla & Joe Semifero

Lauren Sargent

Ann Schaffner

Fred & Diane Schmid

Dale Simmerman

Sandra Simon

Tanya Sinclair

Julie Smith

Michael Smith

JoAnn Socha

Heidi & Eric Sproull

Theodore St. Antoine

Stephanie Stenberg

Georgine Steude

Dacy & Ellen Stevens

Nancy Stock

Max & Sue Supica

Lynne & Rich Swanson

Donna Swersky

Melanie Szawara

Mike & Karen Szymanski

Tom & Sherry Taylor

Lora Tharp

Laurence Thomas

Pete & Lori Thomas Family

Thomas & Janet Thomas

Barbara M. Thomson

Dick & Peggy Tobin/Wilson

Peter Toogood & Hanna Song

Dale Townsend

Jan & Nub Turner

Maureen Tyler

Gene & Victoria Utke

Nancy Waggoner

Alison & Richard Walsh

Matt & Moni Weber

Steven Weinmann

Helen Welford & Robin Warner

Stephen & Amy West

Lynn & John White

John & Pat Whitman

Kevin Woods