We’re Updating Our Seating!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our patron experience. It may not look that different on paper, but we are moving to a true 3/4 thrust seating plan. Our stage has been made narrower and deeper and our sets and staging will be created to give everyone in the audience the best view! Yes – even the seats on the sides!

Please don’t worry! You will be contacted by our box office if your current seats are significantly impacted.

We promise to work with you to make sure that you are happy with your new seats!

Row C is on the floor, not one step up as it previously was.
Rows D, E, and F are on risers and do require the ability to navigate a few steps.

Row S and N (tall stools) will only be available if a show is selling extremely well and we need to create more seating. If you don’t see Row S or N on the seating chart when you are purchasing your tickets, it means that they aren’t available yet for that particular performance.

ALL seats are great! No matter where you sit, you will have a great view of the stage and the performers! You may even want to come back a second time to get a different perspective!

We have replaced our Row N (2nd-row mezzanine) stools with a taller stool to provide a better view for you!

Your satisfaction is important to us. So, if you have any concerns or have a less-than-thrilling experience at The Encore, we want to know about it so that we can do better. On the flip side, we also love hearing about how much you loved your experience at The Encore! Let us know either way by emailing info@theencoretheatre.org or giving us a call at 734-268-6200. 

The Encore Seating Chart