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The Encore Musical Theatre is hosting a developmental workshop of a new musical, “Elixir.” The show is a creative reimagining of Donizetti’s comic opera “L’Elisir d’Amore.” “Elixir” transports the story to the vibrant backdrop of 1973 Los Angeles, where the pulse of music innovation beats strong.

“Elixir” weaves a familiar yarn of romance, misadventure, and self-discovery. The story follows Nemo, a shy songwriter infatuated with the enigmatic Rocket, a magnetic singer with a slew of admirers. Enter Madame Buzzard, an eccentric relative armed with a mysterious love potion, setting off a chain of comical events and poignant revelations. With a new score from Bert Draesel, and book and lyrics by Frank Gruber, the workshop is directed by film director/producer Dwayne Johnson-Cochran, with musical arrangements by Miguel de la Cerna and music direction by Kahil El’Zabar.

“Elixir” unites a cast of vibrant talents led by Hope Elizabeth Schafer as Rocket, Bobby MacDonnell as Nemo, Jackey Boelkow as Bossanova, David Magumba as Roscoe, Jason Briggs as Lowdown, Jacqui Blue as Madame Buzzard, Jerry Jarvis as Mr. Twist, and Cody Dent as Bob Winters. Rounding out the ensemble are Dylan Benson, Molly McMillan, Sydney Nummer, Sullivan Saliby, and Kennedy Vernengo. The workshop will be presented to an invited audience on Saturday, August 12 in The Maas at The Encore, furthering the theatre’s mission to help develop new, diverse works.

About The Encore Musical Theatre Company:

The Encore Musical Theatre Company, located in Dexter, MI, is an esteemed establishment, with the reputation of being one of the top professional theatres in the Great Lakes region. The Encore is committed to delivering exceptional musical experiences and developing diverse, new works. Rooted in artistic integrity, The Encore strives to present impactful performances that resonate with audiences from all walks of life.