by Katie Laban, October 11, 2021  

The Encore Musical Theatre Company is bringing back a popular tradition – their Tribute Concert Series. The first in the season lineup is the QUEEN Tribute Concert, which runs October 13th through the 17th staged in their new performance space, The Maas. The concert will be full of songs that we all know and love like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” “We are the Champions,” and many more! The cast includes Flint native Jason Briggs, Detroit native Arielle Crosby, Anna Arbor native Chris Joseph, Hope Elizabeth Schafer, and Tyler J. Messinger. BroadwayWorld Detroit had a chance to quickly speak with Arielle Crosby about the fantastic concert!

BWW Detroit: Can you give our readers a brief background of yourself and then your theatre career as an introduction?

Arielle Crosby: I was born and raised in Detroit and started off singing in church like many other vocalists. I studied classical voice in high school and college, but turned my sights on theatre after graduation. On a whim and with minimal musical theatre training, I tried taking a bite out of the Big Apple, but it took a bite out of me instead. I took a detour back home to reset and get more experience locally. Since then I’ve done regional theatre productions across the US, a cruise contract, and a national tour.

BWW Interview: Detroit Native Arielle Crosby Talks the QUEEN TRIBUTE CONCERT at The Encore Musical Theatre Company!

How would you describe the QUEEN Tribute Concert in your own words?

It’s an homage to one of the greatest bands in history, a trip down memory lane for diehard fans who grew up with the music, and a music history lesson for newcomers.

Why do you think Queen resonates with so many different people?

I think part of Queen’s universal appeal honestly comes from the feeling of the music. You may not fully understand the meaning of the lyrics but I can guarantee you understand the feeling behind the delivery of them. They have this innate ability of using the seemingly absurd as a vehicle for emotional expression.

And they continuously took risks and incorporated different styles of music. There are times in rehearsal when we’ll go from song to song and it blows my mind how vastly different one is from the other, yet, simultaneously, each song is undeniably their own style.

How were you first introduced to Queen?

I don’t believe there was a singular moment, at least not one I can recall. It was more a result of natural curiosity. I’d always heard Queen songs but didn’t always know who Queen was. Luckily my father is basically a music historian, so before Shazam was even a thing I would just ask him “Who sings this?”

Do you have a favorite Queen song?

I used to think I did but the further I get into their catalog the harder it is to choose. For the longest it was “Don’t Stop Me Now,” though.

What’s your favorite number in the concert?

I’m gonna go with “Bicycle Race” for group song. The harmonies in that one are so close and tricky, but the music nerd in me LIVES for that sort of stuff. And out of all the songs we sing, that’s the one that gets stuck in my head the most.

Why should people come to the QUEEN Tribute Concert?

For one, I think it’s important to support as much live theatre as possible, especially after…you know. But, also, because this is an amazing group of vocalists and musicians giving honor to an amazing band. There is something for everyone in this show and each person will leave with something they didn’t even know they needed. You will truly have missed a mind-blowing experience if you don’t come.